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Fuzhou Xichan Temple


Category: Attractions

Address:455 Gongye Lu, Gulou District, Fuzhou


Tel: 0591 8372 8128 (Tel)

About Fuzhou Xichan Temple:

There has been a temple on this site to the west of Fuzhou since the Tang Dynasty but most of the buildings in the current temple were rebuilt during the Qing Dynasty. The 15-story Bao'en Tower is the existing tallest stone tower in China, reaching 61 meters high.The Xichan temple complex is arranged symmetrically and consists of 36 halls, temples and pagodas. These include the Great Hall, the Hall of Deities, and the Hall of Arhats, which is one of the older structures in the area having been built at the beginning of the Tang Dynasty. The Five Dynasties (907-960) Dagoba is considered to be a wonderful example of temple architecture.

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